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I am relatively new to flash fiction and have just had my first pieces published. Check back soon for new material.

I have three pieces published here

Here are some pieces written to exact word counts



BUTTERFLY (150 words)
It was the first hot summer day of 2013. I was taking a break from gardening when my 10 year old niece Kayleigh spotted a large white butterfly a few feet from where I stood. The result was inevitable. She screamed how butterflies were wired to spy on us. This was nothing new but this time she would not be placated until she had killed it.  Struck a blow for freedom as she put it.
This was not her only strange belief. Tony Blair hiding up the drainpipe. Aliens infiltrating the Tory party and controlling David Cameron. The weather controlled by Australian gangsters, and on it went. My brother used to worry she would never get a job when she grew up, and he was right. She's 20 now. Dropped out of school at 15 and has never done a day's work. But her you tube channel makes a fortune.



GOING BACK (50 words)


He has arrived back in his childhood home, wearing the cloak of anonymity offered by time travel. He sees the dilapidated green sofa, cigarette ash carelessly flicked, the wallpaper peeling away, his father ranting just as he remembered.

His mission was dangerous but necessary. One phone call could change everything.


HOLIDAY (100 words)

The worst holiday I ever had was something of a mixed blessing
I admit I was having trouble in the bedroom and thought a nice relaxing holiday would be revitalising. I needed to be thousands of miles away from the stresses of my life, so I chose North America. One place in the brochure took my eye and my mind was made up. I booked the flight and was off to what sounded like the perfect place under the circumstances. How was I to know Viagra Falls was a misprint? I was bored stiff. Something in the water I guess.


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